About This Site

The first version of this site was released on November 2014. I started this website to write the article, posts, code snippets related to the technologies or anything which I have gone through in my day to day life. The post which I share here may contain my personal informations too. This is purely a personal web site therefore everything shared here is mine.

About Me

I’m neither an expert nor a guru. I have been awarded Microsoft MVP, C# Corner MVP, DZone MVB( Most Valuable Blogger). I have Hands on Experience in Asp.Net, C#, Web API, Vb.Net, SQL, LINQ, JQuery, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, Azure, Angular JS, ADOMD, MVC.


You are most welcome to copy,link to,take,steal,bookmark or make use of anything shared here if it is useful to you, entirely at your own risk. All the information available here is provided as-is with no warranties of any kind.