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  • Chethan

    New website is awesome sibi. Keep it up.

    • SibeeshVenu

      Thanks a lot buddy.

  • Dear Sibeesh,

    This is Manoj, Ex employee of iInterchange – Support team. I have been following you for the Past 10 months. Your website: sibeeshpassion was excellent and more informative. Being a day dreamer, I wanna go into Pure It. But, I am struggling for almost 6 years and even i dont get any chance to learn technologies.

    Your Websites/prizes/commitments/blogs/posts are impressed me to start preparation again to go into IT. When I came to know that again you got a prize – fifth time from C# corner, I was shocked and very much anger on you that what a guy he is, always looks like a bajji(sorry if it hurts) and doing these great works.

    Keep it up man.

    • Wow!. Trillion thanks for your kind words buddy. You are so nice. We will figure all of your problems buddy. I will call you. We will try our best.

      Kindest Regards
      Sibeesh Venu

  • Tadala Prasanthi

    Very impressive and inspirable blog…
    Keep it Up!!!

  • Most of the images include me too. 😉

    It’s great to be in a great company, community! Congratulations to you too buddy.

    • Yes you are right buddy. Proud to be in such a great community. And offcourse you will be in all images because you are such a talented guy 🙂

  • Shshi Bhoosahan Sharma

    great job

  • Karthik Sachin

    Hi Sir ,I have been long time reading the articles in c# corner, but This is the first time am seeing your site,You really inspired me and thought me like we have to do a lot.Thanks for being an inspirational guy and that motivate us to do more than what we do in a daily scheduled life ..I will start my best from today and let see how height i can go,once again thanks a lot sir..You Inspired…..:)

    • That is so kind of you dear. Thanks much for the motivation. You made my day much special. I really appreciate your feedback. Yes, do your best buddy :). And you can call me Sibi, everyone call me like that, and I love to hear it 🙂

      • Karthik Sachin

        Thanks for appreciation , will try to follow you and grab the good things from you as much as i can..:).Thanks for support sibi(As you wished)..:)

  • Good job…great

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