CellSetGrid Implementation in VS 2012 or later

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I have downloaded the CellSetGrid source code and tried to implement the grid with my cube details. I am trying to use the same in VS 2013. When I run I am getting error as “sql server analysis services 2005 or later required ” even if I have already Installed latest version of SSAS. Please help me to resolve this. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi All,

    I have solved this myself. Here I will share you the steps you may need to follow.

    1. Find out the CellSetGrid2.cs file from the downloaded files

    2. Find out the line ” if (Convert.ToInt32(this.oConnection.ServerVersion.Substring(0, 1)) < 9)"

    3. Comment out the codes inside the if condition.

    4. So your condition may looks like below.

    // Check server version – Yukon and later supported

    if (Convert.ToInt32(this.oConnection.ServerVersion.Substring(0, 1)) < 9)


    //this.oCellSetState.IsAllOK = false;

    //this.oCellSetState.ExceptionMessage = "SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 or later required.";



    In this way, it won’t break according to the version.

    5. Now debug your project and use the latest dll in your consumed project.

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