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  1. Hi Sibeesh,

    Such a great inspiration you are,
    Keep on growing till the next victory 🏆
    I’m also a techie enthusiast and want a suggestion from you about the Microsoft MVP preparation and other stuff through which I can grow my self.

    Thanks in Advance
    God bless you

    1. Author

      Thanks a lot for your kind words buddy. Sure, please share me your questions, I will answer them. Thanks

  2. This was a very nice article, with valuable life advice. The comments of being a decent human being, staying away from selfishness, and valuing your family and others are important to remember. These are the things that matter in life, and ones we will look back on and will give us comfort and a sense of value in the world. Temporary pleasures will come and go, but the memories of people who care about us and important to us will stay with us forever. Treasure and make the effort to spend time with family and friends. They will not always be with us and after they are gone, we will be left with the regret that we should have done more with them and let them know without a doubt how important they are and have been to our lives and others.

  3. You are the mean of success bro…i am inspired.

    Thank you so much

  4. I am very proud of u brother ..may god bless u..definitely u will reach the peak..

  5. I really insipired .

    You are one of the great example for ,my most liked proverbs:

    1. “If you born poor its not your mistake but if you die poor it is your mistake”.
    2. “Destiny of Hardwork is alaways is success”.

    So, You have done your extreme hardwork and got succeed. Congratulations from bottom of my hearts and am sure that you have many more achievements in your ways.:)

    Keep rocking dude..:)

    1. Thanks much for your kind words dear. Your words really motivated me a lot, this gives me the energy to do more. Thanks from bottom of my heart.

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