Do You Love Your Job?




Do you love your job? I am sure that you always had this question within you? Haven’t you heard that? Or, some people might have asked you this question. I agree, that it is a simple question, and it has simple words in it. But were you able to answer that? If you have never tried to answer that, please try now. If you have a satisfying answer within you, then it is amazing. Unfortunately, if you can’t answer, please read this post. I will be helping you to find an answer for yourself.


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I am Sibeesh Venu, I love to consider myself as a writer rather than an Engineer who have completed Bachelor of Technology and have around 7 years of experience in the software industry. If you want to see some tips to become a successful software engineer, I strongly recommend you to read my post here. Till now I worked with many companies, including startup company and multinational companies. After joining any companies, I asked this question “Do I love this job?”, “Is it what I am capable of?”, “Is this work challenging me?”. Sometimes, the answer to these questions come in the form of my resignations. In this 7 year span, I have learned few things, and I am happy to share that information with you all. You can always see the articles related to career advice can be found here.

Do you love your job?

I am always passionate about great quotes, and a few words can really change your life. So let me start with some quotes.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.

— Steve jobs

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life


Here in this post, I am going to share a few questions and by answering them, you will be able to identify whether you love your job or not.

Starting with Monday

We all know that a week starts from Monday, and for many people, Monday is as boring as the truth. So my question to you here is, in the last 30 working days, have you ever felt happy or enthusiastic to go to the office? There is a reason why I have given 30 days in the question, I really want to know how much you love/hate your job. Now, if your answer is above 15, then you are doing perfect and you don’t need to read this article, though I wish you read till the end.

But what if your answer is, below 10 or even less than 5? Then you are not going in the right direction, you may need to fix that as soon as possible. Because, as long as you wait, you lost the best part of your life.

Happy Monday

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9 hours a day

Now we are in our office premises, and the average time we spent in the office daily is 9 hours. I agree that there are people who work more than 12 hours, some people spent less than 7 hours too. Let’s stick to 9 hours for now, in that 9 hours, how many hours you are feeling happy? Do your inner minds say that you are satisfied? If you can count at least 5 hours, then it is very good. But anything less than 4 hours is bad, and consider that you are wasting half of your life. You are trading yourself in a wrong way.

9 hours work

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“I” less “We” more

You are in a company and you are not the only one who works for the company. You will be able to meet many employees just like you. They work, they spent time, they laugh etc. Are you happy with your colleagues? Are they treating you well? How about you, are you treating your colleagues well? We are human beings and we have different characters, but being professional in the professional world is as important as going for a job.

Are there any people in your team who are always bullying others? Are they criticizing you? I know friends do criticize their friend? It is ok if your best friend is doing that and he/she will never try to insult or hurt you because you know very well each other. If there are too many negative thoughts or behavior on your team I am sure that will have an impact on your life. If you are part of such a team, and you think that it crossed the boundaries already, just move out of the team. Go search for a team/work within the company or find a new one.

Remember, “We” is always stronger than “I”. Always give your helping hands to ones who need it.

Less I More We

Less I More We [Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels]

Ends with a smile

It is tough to smile every day when you walk out from the office. And I know how hard it is, as each day we are going through in different circumstances. Here my advice to you is, try to smile each day when you leave office, and if you are able to do that wholeheartedly at least 3 times in 5 days, it is fine. But if it is less than 3, you are not living your life. And if you are not happy while you leave office, the sadness you carry with can impact your personal life too.

We all have some people who wait for us in our home, and they are the most valuable things ever happened to us, and nothing can compare them with. You need to make sure that the sadness you brought from office doesn’t have any impact on them.

Ends with Smile

Ends with Smile [Photo by from Pexels]


The weekend is the time where we spent the time on the things we love or passionate too. So if you can relate those weekend activities to your profession and you love to implement those in your work, then it is great. But if not, you should really look what your passion is, and what you are capable of?  To find out more, please read my post One tip which can boost your career to the next level.


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Thanks a lot for reading. I may add a few more points to this article soon. I will come back with another post on the same topic very soon. Did I miss anything that you may think which is needed? Could you find this post as useful? I hope you liked this article. Please share me your valuable suggestions and feedback.

Your turn. What do you think?

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