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Many people still think, getting an NOC or No Objection Certificate from an RTO office is a tough job to do. Trust me, I was one among those people. Then I figured it out it isn’t that hard. Here, in this post, we are going to a see how to get a NOC from any RTO in India easily. Though the rules are same, the process may be different for some percentages, but it will be same if you are applying for NOC from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, as I got my NOC from there. I wanted to reregister my bike in Ernakulam, Kerala. I will be explaining each step that you may need to take to get it, please be noted that the documents mentioned are needed as per the rule when I write this blog. I hope you will like this post. Thanks much for visiting.


Finally, after 6 years of my career in Chennai, I got a transfer to Kochi, Kerala. Though I had to do lots of work like shifting my home, finding a residency in Kochi etc, one thing my mind always curious about was, getting an NOC, because to reregister any vehicle in any cities in India, a must-have document is NOC. When I enquired about it, most of my friends said it is a long process, and some people even said I may need to spend 3000 INR to get it. Before giving money to any agents, who usually ask 2000 INR to 4000 INR, depends on the city you live, I thought of trying it out myself. And luckily the process was not at all hard as I thought. Here in this post, I am going to share you my experience on the same.

Documents needed

As the first step, I visited the Shollinganallure RTO office in Chennai, as my bike was registered in that RTO. The moment I entered the office, I could see a huge crowd, and then my eyes started searching for an agent who can do this work for me. Finally, I could find an agent, and after a discussion with him, I made the below conclusion.

  • Need to pay 2500 INR
  • We need to collect the Pollution Certificate by ourself
  • We need to collect the Certificate from Commissioner Office
  • And at last, if we give him all the documents, his work is just arranging the documents and submit it to the RTO office which is just 200 meter away. Isn’t it great? I just left his office and decided to do everything my own.

    If you are fine with the agents, you can always do that. There will be at least one agent office near to all RTO, just inquire about it, I am sure you will be able to find one.

    Ok, let’s try to list down all the documents needed first as I got the list from the Helping Center in RTO office(Usually a person sits near the entrance), then we can discuss how you can get those.

  • Commissioner Certificate
  • RC Book Original
  • Pollution Certificate
  • Form 28, 3 copies with Chasis pencil print
  • Insurance Certificate
  • When I was noting down this document names, my mind was thinking how I am going to get a certificate from Commissioner office, considering the difficulty in getting a document from a government office in India. Let’s leave all that for now, and discuss how to get it.

    Getting a Commissioner Certificate for NOC

    Google is always my friend, so I just googled the address of the commissioner office in Chennai. When I write this blog, this was the address.

    No. 132, Commissioaner Office Building, EVK Sampath Rd, Vepery, Periyamet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600007

    This is the certificate which will mention about all the penalties you have, all the traffic rule violations. And you will have to pay if you have any fine for any of your act. It was Monday 9.00 AM when I start from my home at Old Pallavaram. I thought I can reach there in one hour, later I found my assumptions were wrong. Finally it was 10.40 AM when I reach as the traffic was more at that time. A normall security will be performed when you enter the campus, once the security guards verified your bags and vehicle, they will ask you to go af collect the temporary ID card, the athority for that, will always be neat to the gate.

    You need to enter your address, mobile number, purpose of visit in a registry given and get your temporary ID card. Once you get it, please don’t waste your time. Walk into main building, or say someone about your purpose of visit, they will narate you to the right building. After raeching to the NOC department, I found the mistakes I did. I didn’t even take one photostat of any document, so I had to go down and take those, there I wasted around one hour. Normally the Xerox shops near commissioner office, are always crowded. Trust me, you will find a long queue, just to take a photostat. These are the documents you need.

  • RC Book Copy
  • Insurance Certificate
  • ID proof
  • Address proof
  • Please carry all the original documents with you as it is needed for them for verification

    As I was staying in Chennai for rent, I was not having any valid address proof except the rental agreement. If you belong to my category, please carry the original rental agreement with you, if you don’t have original please take a xerox copy. Once after you arranged all the documents, give it to the official, after verifying the documents, he/she will give you a form to be filled with your vehicle chasis number, engine number etc.

    You will have to pay 20 INR as a processing fee. After you pay the amount, please do not forget to collect the receipt. If you are submitting the document before 12.00 PM, you will get the commissioner certificate on the next day in between 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM. While coming for collecting the certificate, be sure that you have the receipt with you. That is all for that day. I was able to go office from there directly, even though I was late.

    On the next day, we planned to go there from office. Me and my friend Divya started from office around 2.00 PM after lunch. It was a long journey as my office was at Thoraipakkam, Chennai. The ride to the destination was really great, I must thank Divya for being such an amazing co-rider. She was able to come even in the hot sun. Thank you Divya.

    We reached there at 3.30 and the same security checkin was performed, this time it was not that crowded, so I was able to get a temporary IC card easily. I was rushing towards the NOC department as we both needed to attend a client call at 6.00 PM. So we wanted to be in office at least by 5.50 PM. But I was not lucky on that day, I had to wait for one hour as the official was not available the at desk. It was 4.30 PM when I get the certificate in my hand. I was feeling a bit relaxed after seeing that certificate, because I knew with that certificate, 60% of NOC work is done. By the way we were able to reach office by 5.55 PM, and the call went well, this is just for your information.

    Getting a Pollution Certificate

    This is an easy job. You can always find a pollution test office near to the RTO office. Please ride your bike there, and ask for the pollution certificate. You may have to pay 50 INR for the work, within 10 minutes you will get a pollution certificate in hand. Below is the sample pollution certificate for your reference.

    Sample Pollution Certificate

    Sample Pollution Certificate

    Form 28, 3 copies with Chasis pencil print

    Now take three copies of your Form 28, you can download it from internet. If you don’t like to browse for it, you can find the same here in this link. Now fill all the three copies with appropriate data, and please make sure that you are taking a pencil sketch or print of your vehicles Chasis number. The official will verify whether you have the pencil print in all the three copies.

    Submission process

    Once you arrange all the document, please give it to the official for the verification. And if everything is fine, you will be asked to go and get it signed with RTO officer. Wait, the process is not yet over. Now you have to go to the cash counter and pay 200 INR as the processing fee. Once you paid, please collect the bill and paste it on the application.

    Cool, you have done it. Now give it to the counter and please don’t forget to ask about when you can come and collect from the office.

    What if, you are not available for collecting NOC

    You can still get the NOC, even if you are not available in the applied city. However you may need to sign an authorization letter saying about your absense and to whom the certicate can be delivered to, with that any of your family/friends can get it for you.

    There is an option to get back the road tax you have paid for the initial city, I will share about that in my next post. It can be done only after you reregister the vehicle.


    This is the process I was going to get an NOC from Chennai, Tamilnadu. Please be noted that it may vary a bit according to the state government rules.Did I miss anything that you may think which is needed? Could you find this post as useful? I hope you liked this article. Please share me your valuable suggestions and feedback.

    Your turn. What do you think?

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