Integrate Azure App Insights in 1 Minute to .Net6 Application

Integrating an existing Azure App Insights into your application

Integrating an existing Azure App Insights into your application is never been easier than this. Within a minute you can do this. I am using the .net6 app and visual studio 2022. Here are the steps to do that.

Right-click on the project and click on the Connected Service

Add connected service menu

Click on the + icon in the Service Dependencies and then select Azure Application Insights from the list

Add dependency screen

Log in and select your subscription and the Azure Application Insight instance

Select service dependency

Configure your connection string name and choose how you want to save your connections string locally. I would recommend saving it to a secret.json file. You can get more information about this here under the Secret Storage for Development Environment section.

Provide connection string

Click Finish on the summary screen.

Summary of changes

You will be able to see the progress in the next screen.

Dependency configuration progress

Click on the Git changes window, your changes should look like the image below.

Git changes

Push your changes and deploy them to your web application.


Congratulations and thanks a lot for being with me this far. Here in this post, we learned how can we enable the Azure App Insights to our application. Happy Analysing!.

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