Now I am A Microsoft MVP

Everyone in this world will be remembering today as April fool day, but not for me hereafter. Do you know why? Today, I have received my first MVP award from the prestigious Microsoft. No more April fool day for me in my life. A dream of four year has come true now. I was super excited to see a recognition from Mr. Biplab Paul, PMP Audience Evangelism Manager ā€“ India Communities Microsoft. I was taken aback. I am really glad that I am one among the six first time awardee from India and one among the two first time awardee from Tamil Nadu (Chennai).

In this wonderful moment I would like to thank Mr. Mahesh Chand, Mr. Praveen Moosad, Mr. Dhananjay Kumar, Mr. Dinesh Beniwal, Mr. Rahul Saxena, Mr. Nimit Joshi, Mr. Gandharv Rawat, Mr. Biplab Paul and each and everyone who supported me to touch this happiness, from the bottom of my heart. I am grateful to my company Customer Analytics Pvt Ltd who facilitated me in all ways.

Microsoft MVP

Microsoft MVP

Kindest Regards
Sibeesh Venu

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  1. That’s great man, good to hear, well deserved. I am proud to say that my class mate, my friend, my former colleague is now a MVP.

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