One Plus One Released New OS’s

I hope you all are fine. The most awaited updates from one plus one team is here. They released their new OS Oxygen OS. Now the one plus one mobile user can get the updates from their site. Along with this they have given the updates of Cyanogen OS also. So the choice is yours. You can select whichever you want.
Oxygen OS is an extra ordinary version of Android lollipop, so if you are good with android I suggest you to go with the Oxygen OS.
Or if you love the features of Cyanogen mode, you can get it too. They have introduced a lot of features in Cyanogen mode including,
  1. Camera performance.
  2. Multi user support.
  3. New lock screen.
  4. Smart lock.
  5. Power and performance improvement
  6. Cool settings options etc…
Now it is time. Go and get your OS soon, if you are a one plus one mobile user.