Received My Second C# Corner MVP Award

I am so happy that with the beginning of 2016, received my second MVP award from C-Sharp Corner. I feel thankful to this community that I was selected as a member and given all opportunities and encouragements to reach such a big position. Last year this same day I received my first MVP award.

CSharp Corner MVP 2016

CSharp Corner MVP 2016

Image Courtesy: C-Sharp Corner

Attending the C# corner annual conference at Delhi was a dream come true to me. Three days we were treated with all luxuries and definitely I cant resist myself talking about the divine North-Indian food. The best part is that first time in my life had a fortune to hand shake with great techies and got lot of nice friends. I was totally inspired by their (MAHESH CHAND, PRAVEEN MOOSAD, DINESH BENIWAL, DHANANJAY KUMAR) wide knowledge and mainly I was awestruck by their down to earth behaviour.

Attending C-Sharp Corner Annual Conference 2015

Attending C-Sharp Corner Annual Conference 2015

Blessed with this memorable moment I wish to thank all my colleagues, friends, family who was a back support to me in all manner. I wish that I could attend this year’s annual conference too and smell the aroma of Delhi again.

You can see all MVPs here.

The year 2015 was a great year for me. I wish 2016 also should be great.

Kindest Regards
Sibeesh Venu

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