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  1. As far as i know, enterprise editon means its has multiple license and if an update is given to an enterprise edition it might effect all the users having the same license.

    Currently windows 10 is in beta phase. You can download individually from the microsoft site. I advise to make a seperate drive and install Windows 10 or use a VM. Since the final release is not out yet, you will see frequent updates.

    As per me, windows 10 is a good product from microsoft. A blend of windows 7 and windows 8 with a feature of using your desktop as a mobile app too. Give a try. You should definitely like it.

    1. Wow! Great Buddy. Million thanks for your reply. Yes as you said, Windows 10 is in preview stage now. And I am sure I will love it. But I think I will wait till the complete version is released. Till then I will use windows 8.1 enterprise edition.

      1. Couple of months remaining for the final release. You can wait if you have the patience.
        I lost my patience so I installed. Hahaha

        1. Even I am also eager to use it buddy. But I think I will wait for the final release. I hope I won’t loose my patience šŸ™‚

            1. The posted URL is blocked in my organization, I will check this out when I reach my home buddy!. Thank you.

    2. And when I searched, I came to know windows 10 is available for enterprise editions too but not for the upgrade. What we can do is, download a fresh copy of Windows 10 and install it as new.

      1. Yeah it is available as an installation file.

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