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  1. Hi Sibesh,
    I have many doubts in azure, I have listed out point by point.

    1. What is private and Public cloud?
    Is it like shared and dedicated.

    2. I have a web and mobile app which is hosted on a dedicated server with Cent os lamp. If i want to host it on azure what should i do . Could you please tell me.

    3. Like dedicated server is there any hardware firewalls for our instances in azure cloud.

    1. In case of Private Clouds, cloud services are maintained for one client. It may be managed internally or externally by Internal IT or third-party. This gives organization little edge on security but same time because of small scale they won’t able to cost benefits of virtualization but same time

      Public Cloud is extension of private cloud with additional cost-benefit due to service-provider orients low cost cloud storage to enterprise. Public Cloud like Microsoft Windows Azure passed the benefit of shared infrastructure and automation in term of low-cost.

      Read more here:

  2. hai sibeesh this is eswar i read your article about azure i have some doubts regd how to host a website can u pls clarify those for me

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