Azure DevOps

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Deploy .net 6 App to Azure from Azure DevOps using Pipelines

Working with both Azure and Azure DevOps is always fun, and the possibilities of automation are endless. I have written many articles on these topics and you can read them here. As you all know that the .net6 is been a talk in the market and I can’t wait to try out things there. Here in this post, we will see how to use the Azure DevOps pipeline to build, restore and deploy the .net6 application to Azure Web App Service.

Get Azure DevOps Sprint Capacity Using API and PostMan

I wanted to know my Sprint capacity programmatically as I need to find the average sprint capacity and the area where my team is spending time, whether it is Development or Testing, etc. Unfortunately, there is no option to see that in the Azure DevOps, but luckily there are APIs we can get this information.