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  1. Hi Sir ,I have been long time reading the articles in c# corner, but This is the first time am seeing your site,You really inspired me and thought me like we have to do a lot.Thanks for being an inspirational guy and that motivate us to do more than what we do in a daily scheduled life ..I will start my best from today and let see how height i can go,once again thanks a lot sir..You Inspired…..:)

    1. That is so kind of you dear. Thanks much for the motivation. You made my day much special. I really appreciate your feedback. Yes, do your best buddy :). And you can call me Sibi, everyone call me like that, and I love to hear it 🙂

      1. Thanks for appreciation , will try to follow you and grab the good things from you as much as i can..:).Thanks for support sibi(As you wished)..:)

  2. Dear Sibeesh,

    This is Manoj, Ex employee of iInterchange – Support team. I have been following you for the Past 10 months. Your website: sibeecst_passion was excellent and more informative. Being a day dreamer, I wanna go into Pure It. But, I am struggling for almost 6 years and even i dont get any chance to learn technologies.

    Your Websites/prizes/commitments/blogs/posts are impressed me to start preparation again to go into IT. When I came to know that again you got a prize – fifth time from C# corner, I was shocked and very much anger on you that what a guy he is, always looks like a bajji(sorry if it hurts) and doing these great works.

    Keep it up man.

    1. Wow!. Trillion thanks for your kind words buddy. You are so nice. We will figure all of your problems buddy. I will call you. We will try our best.

      Kindest Regards
      Sibeesh Venu

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