Resolve Port Conflicts Between Wamp Server And Skype

Wamp Server And Skype Conflicts

In this post we will see how we can resolve the port conflicts between Wamp server and Skype. There are so many common things which may oppose the wamp server to get started, you can find out some possible fixes here: Solutions For Wamp Server Not Starting Issue. Here we are going to discuss only about the conflicts between wamp server and skype. I hope you will like this.


Most of you might have installed Skype in your machines, isn’t it? That’s cool, but now if you install Wamp server in the same machine, there will be some problems. It is just because both Wamp server (Apache) and Skype uses the same port for the operations. So how we can solve this? Here we will discuss that.

Port Conflicts Between Wamp Server And Skype

Here we are going to change the port of Skype. To do that Open your Skype application. Go to Tools–> Options. Click on advanced options from the left side and click on connection tab. Now you can find an option which says Use port 80 and 443 as alternative for incoming connections. Please un check that box and click on save.

Skype And Wamp Server Port Issue Options

Skype And Wamp Server Port Issue Options

Skype And Wamp Server Port Issue Port

Skype And Wamp Server Port Issue Port

Now restart your skype to make sure that the changes has been applied. In this way we can resolve the conflicts between apache server and Skype in our windows machine.


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