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  1. Hi I place my question in wrong place as a comment, I am so sorry for that can you please delete it…not able to delete it myself. I am extremely sorry.

  2. Limiting the number of records that a browser is getting!!

    I have a datatable that holds large number of records (ex:50,000 or sometimes even more that that). Is it possible to limit the number of rows to 1000 that are being pushed to browser, after 1000 records when user hits a page number 11 with a pagesize of 100 next 1001 to 2000 from 50,000 records should be selected and pushed to browser.

    Right now browser gets all 50,000 records and those are paged on browser, which is taking a lot of time and degrading the performance of the application.

    I am using c#, mvc, angular js and json as major technologies. How to handle this kind of situations and where to exactly hold this 1000 records and how can we know if those 1000 records are already read by browser to take next 1000 records from the 50,000 records.

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