Encrypt an Azure Virtual Machine VHD File in 5 Minutes



All the files inside a storage accounts are encrypted by default, but the case is different for an Azure Virtual Machine. The VHD file we have in an Azure VM is not encrypted by default, thus we would have to do that manually. Here in this video I will show, how you can do that. I hope you will like this video, Please do not forget to share me your feedback and subscribe to our channel.

Why Should We Encrypt Our VHD Disk?

Security is something that we all are concerned about, and by doing the Encryption on the VHD file in our Azure VM disk, we can assure some level of security and safeguard our data. Microsoft Azure uses the BitLocker feature in Windows and DMCrypt feature in Linux to do this encryption. As you might have already known that Azure Key Vault is used to store the key, secret, certificates of our applications, and while doing the encryption we are also saving our keys in the Azure KeyVault.


You can not encrypt all of your VMs, there are some limitations.

  1. Only the standard VMs are supported
  2. The Basic A series VMs are not supported
  3. The VM should have minimum of 2 GB memory

You can read more about this here.

Encrypt an Azure Virtual Machine VHD File in 5 Minutes

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