How I find time to write blogs and for my hobbies


24+ Hours

How I find time to write blogs and for my hobbies

The myth about having more than 24 hours a day is revealed. Here in this blog, I will answer the most asked question, “how do you find time to do this?”

Time Management

I am a Software Engineer by profession and a writer by passion. And I work with new technologies in my work and it requires a lot of learnings, and failures, but in the end making it a success is what matters right. But even in my busy days, I usually find time for my hobbies. The so-called “Life” is short, the best thing that you can do to your life is to find time to do the things that you love.

Sofar I have written around 500 blogs on my blog. There will always be a usual question from my colleagues or my friends, “how do I find time to write?”. And my answer to this question is “we all have 24 hours, it is the priority what matters”. Usually, I go by bus to my office, which means that every day I have to wait for my bus and if I miss one bus then the waiting time is more. And it takes 20 minutes to reach my home that makes 40 minutes for the traveling, which is enough to start writing a blog, yes, I am not saying that this is enough to complete a blog.

Manage Time Efficiently

Starting something is always a tough job, yes I understand for some people it is just the opposite, but I am the kind of person, that if I start anything, I really want to finish that as soon as possible. This is the living rule that I set for myself. I understand that not everyone uses public transport on a daily basis, but the point here is to find tiny timeslots that you can make it useful to do more, I am sure that you will be able to list down those. Now, take a minute and identify them.

I learn things in the day and write about them at night, so if there are any incomplete blogs, I try to complete it in the night. This gap will give you an interval to think of the missing points in your blog, or your brain will make you remember it, yes the human brain has this amazing capability. So when I am out of words to write or could not think about the right image to use, I take a break, it can be some hours or a day, it depends on the complexity of the topic I am writing about. Writing makes me confident about the things I learn.


The things we write, stay in our memory, this is scientifically proven

Quote about writing

When we write, we are actually giving an additional task to our brain to gather all the key points of the writing, and the brain will order them and keep it in memory. This is the greatest advantage of writing everything down. So, play your favorite music playlist and start writing today. You can easily find time if you really love what you do.

Love what you do

My other hobby is to create videos for my YouTube channels. So far I had uploaded more than 15 videos on that platform. As you all know that editing videos are a time-consuming task, only a video editor can understand that. There were times that I negotiate time for sleeping to complete the video editing, trust me, the output for that struggle is awesome.

I also love to take pictures when I go out. I am not a professional photographer, and I don’t want to become one. As I was saying this is just one of my hobbies. When I see some beautiful view, I can not walk without capturing that. So, you can imagine what are the things I carry with me all the time (DSLR, Action Camera, Tripods, etc..). Lol!.

Time and tide wait for none. We have been hearing this from our childhood. So make sure that you are utilizing that appropriately. With that, I am concluding this post, please feel free to follow me on any social media.