How To Become Microsoft Certified

Become Microsoft Certifited

In this post we will discuss about how to get Micosoft certification. I am a software engineer by profession. As you all know as a developer, it is recommended to become a Microsoft certified. Here I am pasting the contents of the chat I have done with a Microsoft employee Mr.Marvin with his permission. This may help when you are looking for a certification. Please be noted that this post won’t assure you to get certified, I recommend you to read all the things explained in the Microsoft website. I have asked all of my doubts related to get MSCD, you may be having different doubts as well. Please contact Microsoft for any further clarification. I hope you will like this.

Thanks to Mr.Marvin from Microsoft for accepting to publish the chat here and for clarifying all of my doubts

Become Microsoft Certifited

Become Microsoft Certifited

So do you want to be a Microsoft certified?

Here is the chat for your reference.

info: Thank you for choosing Microsoft. A representative will be with you shortly.

info: You are now chatting with Marvin.

Marvin: Hello, I’m Marvin with the Microsoft Certification Guidance Team.

Marvin: Hi Sibeesh

Sibeesh: Hi How are you? I am Sibeesh Venu

Marvin: How may I help you, Sibeesh?

Marvin: I’m fine. Thank you for asking.

Sibeesh: I would like to be a MS certified developer.

Marvin: That’s great!

Sibeesh: But I don’t know anything about it. Can you please help me to do so

Marvin: For Developers, we recommend the MCSD or Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer.

Marvin: Do you have experience as a developer?

Sibeesh: I am experienced in dot net and visual studio\

Sibeesh: So MCSD is the one I must select right?

Marvin: That’s correct

Marvin: For .NET we have the certification called MCSD Web Application which covers ASP.NET.

Sibeesh: That’s great

Marvin: MCSD Web Application Certification

Marvin: This certification requires three exams: 480 (or 483), 486 and 487.

Sibeesh: Can you please let me know the procedures ?

Marvin: Sure

Sibeesh: So each exams costs 4500 INR?

Marvin: First I recommend that you prepare for the exams first. Please visit the MCSD Web Application link that I posted above and you will see the Exam links under “Required Exam”.

Marvin: Click on the Exam links.

Marvin: Once you access the exam page, scroll down and you will find the Preparation Options section where you’ll find all the available training resources for each exams.

Marvin: If you are in India the approximate cost is 4500 INR each.

Marvin: I also recommend this link below where you can order books if you want to prepare for the exams:

Marvin: Microsoft Press Store – Books for Visual Studio 2012

Sibeesh: so in total it costs 13500 INR right?

Marvin: That’s correct. Pricing does not include applicable taxes. Please confirm exact pricing with the exam provider before registering to take an exam.

Marvin: When you are ready to take an exam, you can register with Pearson Vue. They serve as the exam provider for all MS IT and Developer exams.

Sibeesh: And one more thing, can you please let me know what are all the benefits of getting MS certified ?

Marvin: Simply click on the “Schedule Exam” button on the exam page and it should direct you to the exam registration process.

Marvin: If you want to attain a competitive edge and help improve employability and earning potential, Microsoft Certification can help position you

Marvin: Having certifications will really validate your skills and is an essential part of a well rounded IT resume.

Marvin: Certification Benefits

Sibeesh: Oh, I see

Marvin: Just to add Sibeesh, We have Microsoft Learning Partners world-wide that offers training through hands-on labs, simulations, and the real-world application of skills.

Marvin: Find a Microsoft Learning Partner near you

Sibeesh: And we can write the exam only once right?

Marvin: Yes however, if ever you fail, you can take advantage of the free retake offer.

Marvin: Second Shot is available for exams registered and taken from July 12, 2015, through January 12, 2016.

Marvin: Second Shot Offer

Marvin: have 30 days from the date of the failed exam to schedule a retake.

Sibeesh: Oh, how difficult the exam will be? Sorry if I am asking wrong

Marvin: It is going to be really difficult if you don’t have experience or knowledge about the exams. The best way to prepare for an exam is to practice the skills listed in the “Skills measured” section of the exam details page

Marvin: Keep in mind that training is a great first step when preparing for a Microsoft Certification exam, but it is not required and does not guarantee that you will pass the exam. Hands-on experience is required.

Sibeesh: I am experienced and have skills but when it comes to exams, I usually gets afraid.

Marvin: Don’t be afraid Sibeesh. I recommend that you prepare for the exams first and register whenever you are ready.

Sibeesh: I have stuffs in the listed categories and I used to write about that here

Marvin: That’s great, Sibeesh!

Sibeesh: So to prepare for the exam we must order the books right?

Marvin: Training resources like books are highly recommended but they are optional.

Sibeesh: Is there any online versions where we can answer the questions and check whether we are ready for the exams or not?

Marvin: Yes Sibeesh, To get the latest practice test and study guides from Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft Official Practice Tests and Study Guides web site from Mindhub.

Marvin: Mindhub

Sibeesh: does it costs anything?

Marvin: Once you access the Mindhub website, just type in the Exam codes on the search box to find the available Practice test and study guides.

Marvin: Yes pricing for practice test can be found on the Mindhub website.

Sibeesh: Any free versions available? Sorry

Marvin: Unfortunately, Im not sure if there are free versions available. You may just check the Mindhub website
Sibeesh, from what I know all the practice test have fees.

Sibeesh: Oh I see

Sibeesh: Do you have any advices ? Much appreciated 🙂

Marvin: The only advice I can give you is just to prepare for the exams first, be confident and only register an exam once you are ready.

Sibeesh: Thank you so much Marvin, it was great to talk to you.

Marvin: Have a wonderful day, Sibeesh! It’s my pleasure to assist you.

Marvin: To ensure that you can have all of the links and info for future reference, I suggest using the envelope button on the top of the chat to email this chat to yourself.

Marvin: If you have a moment, we would appreciate you taking a short survey for us. The survey will appear when you click the “close” button on the chat.

Sibeesh: And if you don’t mind shall I write an article about this chat in my blog ?

Marvin: Sure Sibeesh. That would be great!

Sibeesh: Thank you so much Marvin.

Marvin: And I hope you get more followers and readers.

Marvin: My pleasure.

Marvin: If you need help again, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Marvin: Take care, Sibeesh!

Marvin: Bye

Sibeesh: And yes I am ready to take the survey. Thanks a lot

That’s all.


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